What our Customers are Saying

Through a collaborative relationship with RhinoKore we were able to meet our customer’s expectations. Their P100 product and precise, custom cutting services has proven to be extremely easy for us to work with and perfectly suited for this particular application.

Craig Pay

Vice-President and General Manager, Formashape

I have greatly enjoyed my experience working with RhinoKore. They were the most responsive and helpful supplier with a product which was exactly what we wanted for our application. The product was also cut the same day we placed the order which helped us keep to our time tables in the lab when other suppliers were giving us 3 – 4 week lead times, and the part fit perfectly in our wind tunnel without any modification.

Ian Brownstein

M.S. Mechanical Engineering, Stanford University

Our greatest asset is our people and our production staff bring a combined total of 300+ years of Bigfoot manufacturing & customer service to the table. We are very proud of the products we create, and equally proud to deliver the Bigfoot experience to discerning RV owners. Working with Rhinokore and utilizing its cores into our units has been a great fit and has allowed us to continue to provide quality RV's to our customers.

Grant Bilodeau

Owner, Bigfoot RV

The weight reduction is really significant. On a conventional 50 by 100 inch [125 by 250 centimeter] door that can weigh 400 to 500 pounds [181 to 227 kilograms] with a fiberboard core, we can now reduce the weight to 150 pounds [68 kilograms]. That's a benefit to anyone who touches the door and is definitely going to make the installer's job a lot more pleasant. Not only does it reduce the risk of ending up with a door that lists to one side once hung, but it also reduces the chance of a door getting dings and dents as it's moved around, and it reduces warping and cracking too. It gives everyone some added peace of mind.

Braden Gierc

General Manager, Fenstür Windows and Doors

Currently, flooring panels with RhinoKore foam-filled honeycomb cores have been installed in thousands of buses, operating in over a dozen major North American cities. The global transit market recognizes that weight savings, durability and moisture resistance are essential characteristics in today’s bus floor designs and that conventional transit flooring systems (plywood, multi-panel composites) cannot match the numerous benefits provided by unitized composite flooring featuring RhinoKore's unique core system.

Bill Stanton

Director of product development, Rene Materiaux Composites