Product Overview

Why Use Honeycomb Cores?

Honeycombs are some of the strongest structures found in nature. Their cells help provide superior strength while still remaining lightweight. Additionally, the cells have the ability to flex under compression and impacts. A critical failure from an impact will be limited in its spread by the core itself, which are able to flex and elongate instead of shattering like wood, metal, and other materials.

The cores themselves can be further advanced by combining the benefits of honeycomb structures and foam.

Honeycomb Core by RhinoKore

​RhinoKore Honeycomb Core

Our cores combine the benefit of both foam and honeycomb cores to deliver unmatched performance. Some of the key benefits our cores offer are:
- 100% bonding surface
- Thermal properties
- Sound damping
- Vibration control
- Variable densities
- Shear strength
- Bond strength
- Impact memory
- Temperature resistance
- Moisture resistance
- Compression strengths

​Foam Filled

Foam-filled lightweight panels

By filling honeycomb cells with foam, RhinoKore lightweight honeycomb core combines the natural strength provided by the cell walls of the honeycomb and the large surface area of foam. The cell walls of the honeycomb panel experience greater reinforcement and overall structural improvement when foam-filled.

Each of our lightweight honeycomb cores provide unique structural properties associated with the material used and how it interacts with the foam filling process. Substrate and skinning materials easily adhere to the honeycomb foam surface making this product an excellent sandwich panel core material.

Key Advantages

The net results for sandwich panels utilizing RhinoKore foam-filled honeycomb cores are:

  • Superior strength to weight ratios
  • Impervious to rot and moisture resistant
  • Good thermal properties
  • Dimensional stability
  • Excellent acoustical performance
  • 100% bond strength
  • Excellent shear and compression strengths
  • Significant price to performance ratios

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