The Ideal Building Material for Residential and Commercial Construction

Within the construction industry, the ideal building material is one that meets all the requirements, while also providing a number of unexpected advantages. Sandwiched foam core materials are often overlooked in commercial construction, but have a number of superiorities. With lightweight composition and rigidity, honeycomb core is durable, easy to use, and easy to handle—even at maximum size and thickness. RhinoKore's lightweight honeycomb cores can be used for doors, signs, facades, cladding, curtain walls, floors, entire structures, suspended platforms, surfacing, and more. With their incredible utility, these cores can be applied to near endless uses.

Honeycomb Core Dimensions

Lightweight foam filled honeycomb core

RhinoKore’s lightweight honeycomb core is typically available in a wider range of dimensions than traditional materials. Panels are commonly supplied in 4ft x 8ft sheets like plywood but can be ordered in additional measurements.

Lightweight Core, Lighter Finished Products

With thicknesses ranging from ¼ in. to 6 in. and a choice between our A100 aluminum honeycomb core, P100 paper honeycomb core and S150 synthetic honeycomb core, our core is designed to provide superior structural and insulation value while weighing only 14.2 oz per square foot. Cores are available, with or without foam filling, and with or without facing materials.

Doors, Cabinetry, Countertops

Our lightweight honeycomb cores can be supplied with and without skins, allowing for many surfacing options. Doors, cabinetry, and countertops can be made with lightweight honeycomb core that is skinned with the appropriate covering such as wood, vinyl, fiberglass, and many others. Combine the characteristics of a feather-weight core and natural water resistance, and you have the boat builder’s perfect material for performance interiors. Of course, skin choice affects overall weight, strength, and costs, but the honeycomb core is the common denominator. Another example, when used in constructing custom doors, our foam-injected honeycomb cores provide superior insulation between hot and cold environments. See Fenstür Windows and Doors Case Study

Skinned honeycomb panels

"Our operators have found the RhinoKore honeycomb core extremely easy to work with and their customized cutting services perfectly fit the needs... enabling us to meet our customer’s expectations, fully."

— Craig Pay
VP General Manager
Whitewater Composites Ltd. / Formashape

Floors & Walls

Composite Foam Panels as Floor and Wall material

With increasingly stringent requirements in sound and heat retention, composite panels are a smart choice for floor and wall materials. With a built-in R-value, foam filled honeycomb panels can reduce or eliminate the need for additional insulation. The foam injection deadens sound as well. Walls, ceilings, and floors greatly benefit from both thermal and acoustic insulation properties. Additionally, the strength of the panels is complimented by its damage tolerance. An impact to the panels, while it may deform the honeycomb structure, is restricted from spreading damage throughout the whole piece. This allows damaged parts to be isolated and easily repaired… but you may never need to; our cores are incredibly tough.

Signage & Exterior Building Uses

Signage and building facades can also make use of lightweight honeycomb paneling. They are easy to assemble and easily repairable. With the variety of skinning materials available, as well as the panels’ flat surface, it is easy to create a striking design with graphics or laminate materials.

Cores can be provided with or without foam injection, depending on the project needs. In contrast to wood, our foam-filled cores will not rot and are moisture resistant—perfect for exterior construction applications.

Foam core ​signage and building facades

Need a custom cut or size? Looking for a unique surface material?

RhinoKore can also provide custom composite panels for your project requirements.

See Custom Honeycomb Panels

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