Ground Transportation and RV

Stronger RV and Bus floors and walls while reducing overall weight

In the ground transportation industry, a reduction in weight can result in drastic cost savings. Many of today’s ground transportation vehicles use metals such as steel, aluminum, or magnesium for their primary construction material. While metals are generally the most cost effective, their differences in tensile strength, elasticity, and hardness require additional engineering to maintain mechanical strength. With the introduction of RhinoKore’s lightweight honeycomb cores, weight can be reduced while increasing durability in the manufacture and refurbishment of any ground transportation vehicle. Longevity outweighs the additional costs over traditional materials like plywood.

Vehicle Applications

Lightweight RV and Vehicle body panels

Lightweight honeycomb cores can be effectively used for vehicle bodies, cabs, trailers, doors, walls, roofs, floors, ceilings, seating, shelves, ramps, and more.

Its application is not limited by the type of vehicle either—automotive, RVs, trailer, truck, and specialty vehicles can benefit from the addition and integration of lightweight honeycomb core panels.

"Our staff are committed to the tradition of carefully designed & well-built RVs and happy to be working with the RhinoKore product."

— Grant Bilodeau, President
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Honeycomb Core Panel Advantages for Transportation

The honeycomb structure is one of the most efficient and strongest structures found in nature. By injecting foam into our A100, P100 and S150 lightweight honeycomb cores, we enhance their durability even further without significantly increasing weight. A lower weight vehicle can have increased power and higher payload or require a smaller engine which in turn can reduce pollution and cost. The more weight reduction, the less fuel is needed for consumption.

With thicknesses ranging from ¼ in. to 6 in., RhinoKore’s lightweight honeycomb cores are moisture and corrosion resistant, have acoustical and vibration dampening qualities, are insulating, and have lower life cycle costs.

Strength demonstration: 3” honeycomb panel holds 28,000lb vehicle

Strength demonstration: 3” honeycomb panel holds 28,000lb vehicle

Compared to traditional materials, lightweight honeycomb panels have improved energy absorption from impacts and minor damage can be easily repaired. The cores limit the distance cracks can travel, reducing instances of critical failure from an impact. Where traditional materials would bend or shatter, the core acts as a shock absorber. The honeycomb structures remain intact, even if they are elongated and/or deformed, and are able to withstand additional compressions and impact. Even with larger panels, strength is maintained.

Few materials are geared for harsh climates – both extreme heat and extreme cold. Add in humidity changes, snow, rain, salt on icy winter roads and you have an environment tailor made for warping, corroding, and cracking traditional RV, bus, and semi-trailer floors and walls. Lightweight honeycomb cores are foam injected and are then ready for a host of facing materials to suit your application. Finished panels shrug off bad weather and outlast traditional materials.

Need a custom cut or size? Looking for a unique surface material?

RhinoKore can also provide custom composite panels for your OEM project requirements.

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