Boat Builder’s Material Checklist

In the marine industry, construction requirements are unique. A material’s property checklist would cover: light weight, durable, rot proof, moisture resistant, rust proof, sound attenuating, able to handle hot/cold weather, high impact strength, easy to repair, easy material handling. To meet these requirements, wood, steel, aluminum, fiber, and resin are all used as common boat building materials. With each material come certain benefits and disadvantages. Where one material is lightweight, it can suffer in durability. A more durable material often winds up suffering from a heavier weight. Not to mention the additional cost of time and effort of maintenance, and additional materials required to help improve moisture resistance, thermal insulation, and vibration dampening. Why not remove the headache and use a material that covers all the bases?

Advantages of Engineered Structural Honeycomb Panels

RhinoKore foam-filled composite honeycomb core panels

Meet RhinoKore lightweight honeycomb core – Lighter, Stronger, Smarter. Our foam-filled honeycomb core boasts superior strength to weight ratios, high moisture resistance, thermal insulation, sound and vibration dampening, impact dissipation, as well as shear and compression strengths.

Honeycomb structures are one of the strongest and most efficient structures to be found in nature. By injecting our A100 aluminum honeycomb core, S150 synthetic honeycomb core or our P100 phenolic kraft paper honeycomb core with foam, we are able to combine its natural strength with the large surface area of foam. With its polypropylene fibers, the S150 core is flexible and will not support the growth of mildew or fungi. Our P100 core is treated to resist water absorption and provides significant stiffness. Great for boat floors, bulkheads, composite parts, and more! With thicknesses available from ¼ in. to 6 in., you can expect improved thermal insulation and sound dampening. Boats using foam injected cores are quieter, drastically reduce condensation, and weigh less.

Built for Durability

On boats, impacts, bumps, and dings are all but unavoidable, and over the years can cause cracks leading to critical structural failures. One of our lightweight honeycomb core's unique properties is how it performs under stress. Its excellent shear properties allow it to continue to function even after being compromised. Under stress, the cores deform but remain intact. Unlike traditional boat building materials, cracks in marine honeycomb panels are unable to spread. They are stopped by the cores, making critical failure less likely and improving the ease of repair. This unique property drastically improves the durability and lifespan of any marine structure.

Marine honeycomb panels

Need a custom cut or size? Looking for a unique surface material?

RhinoKore can also provide custom composite panels for your project requirements.

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