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Honeycomb core has natural properties that make it an optimal material to be used in a variety of sports equipment applications. The key to its popularity is the combination of lightweight while maintaining strength. RhinoKore’s lightweight honeycomb cores can be used in the sports industry to modify and improve performance in many types of equipment.

Downhill Skis, Snowboards, Cross Country Skis

Honeycomb structure and high-performance foam in skis and snowboards

Traditional skis have wooden cores, contributing to their springiness and resilience. Wood is stable, but heavy. Foam core skis are cheaper and lightweight, but they lose stiffness over time. The foam core also allows vibration to travel, which can lead to a less than desirable feeling while skiing. However, with the combination of a honeycomb structure material and high-performance foam one can achieve the best of both worlds. The honeycomb structure dampens the vibrations while maintaining the springiness and strength from the cores. Manufacturers then add their preferred top sheets, sidewalls, bases, and edges to reach their performance characteristics.

Pickleball Paddles

Originating in the 1960’s, the sport of pickleball has been gaining in popularity. The paddles used in pickleball tend to be made from graphite. While graphite is cheap, its durability can leave much to be desired… don’t drop it!

Lightweight honeycomb core paddles are far more durable and lightweight. RhinoKore has perfected the foam-injection process, offering sports equipment manufacturers a superior product over hollow core providers.

Honeycomb core pickleball paddles by RhinoKore
Durable Pickleball Paddles with honeycomb foam core

Kayak and SUP Paddles

Foam Core Paddles

Kayakers and Paddle boarders generally choose from fiberglass, plastic, or foam core paddles. While plastic and wood tend to be cheaper, they lack the performance benefits gained from using foam cores. Fibreglass by itself lacks stiffness, flexing against both water and rocks, which leads to a loss in power. Foam core material paddles are lightweight and floaty, yet stiff. With the ability to be bonded with a range of skins, the lightweight honeycomb cores translate to durable, ultra-light, and powerful blades.

Need a custom cut or size? Looking for a unique surface material?

RhinoKore can also provide custom composite panels for your OEM project requirements.

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