Thomas O’Brien - Production Supervisor, RhinoKore (left), Troy Giesenger – Product Advisor, Hexacomb® (centre) and Serg Trinca CET - General Manager, RhinoKore (right) discuss the impressive compressive strength of the phenolic kraft core/foam combination. “The folks at RhinoKore have definitely discovered an innovative application for our product”, states Giesinger. “Hexacomb® is happy to be working with the RhinoKore team and look forward to future development and innovations.”

Hexacomb® is the leading paper-based honeycomb packaging solution and serves as a fully customizable structural complement to PCA’s corrugated products. Hexacomb’s® unique engineering makes it especially strong and durable, with cushioning and rigidity to provide superior protection. Our engineers collaborate directly with you to solve any industrial packaging or transport damage problems using this environmentally responsible alternative.