RhinoKore for Composite Floor Panels

Helping OEMs maintain profitability while reducing their carbon footprint.

As the public transit fleet ages, the purchase of new inventory is inevitable. The transit OEM that is prepared to offer a vehicle that delivers significantly reduced operating and maintenance costs, will have a competitive advantage in today’s tight market. Primary motivators influencing the awarding of capital contracts will always be price, ease of service, reliability, and life-cycle operating costs.

Since 2009, RhinoKore Composite Solutions Inc. has partnered with René Matériaux Composites ltée (RMC) a Quebec-based manufacturer. Utilizing RhinoKore’s honeycomb core, RMC has successfully commercialized its patented 3-D structural shear plate technology for the manufacture of composite flooring for transit bus, shuttles, RVs, and commercial truck cabs. This revolutionary flooring is an innovative alternative to traditional plywood and other composite panels for both OEMs and aftermarket re-fitters.

Integrated step well section for complete bus floor system

The basic system - supplied as a unitized molded assembly - consists of two glass-reinforced, polyester resin face sheets encapsulating RhinoKore's honeycomb core. Utilizing a proprietary process, the core is filled with closed-cell polyurethane or polyisocyanurate foam and sanded to exacting tolerances.

The benefits are substantial; on the OEM side, a 30% reduction in floor weight (fuel cost saving), unmatched durability (no rot eliminates warranty-financed refits), simplification of the chassis, component consolidation, a reduction in installation labour (fewer production stations), and improvement in production throughput.

Currently, flooring panels with RhinoKore foam-filled honeycomb cores have been installed in thousands of buses, operating in over a dozen major North American cities. The global transit market recognizes that weight savings, durability and moisture resistance are essential characteristics in today’s bus floor designs and that conventional transit flooring systems (plywood, multi-panel composites) cannot match the numerous benefits provided by unitized composite flooring featuring RhinoKore's unique core system.