Improved RV Flooring System

For over thirty years, Bigfoot RV has been known & recognized for offering unmatched quality and thoughtful design. They continue this tradition today by providing high-quality Bigfoot Truck Campers and Travel Trailers to the North American RV market from their facility in Armstrong, BC, Canada.

“Our greatest asset is our people,” states Bigfoot owner, Grant Bilodeau. “They are highly skilled with a ton of experience. Our production staff bring a combined total of 300+ years of Bigfoot manufacturing & customer service to the table. We are very proud of the products we create, and equally proud to deliver the Bigfoot experience to discerning RV owners.”

RV Floor made from honeycomb core panels

RV Flooring - Honeycomb Core

When considering all aspects and materials required to build a quality RV, Bigfoot looked at the floor of their Camper Series and searched for a product that would provide them the necessary rigidity while reducing overall weight. Their search pointed them toward RhinoKore Composite Solutions. RhinoKore produces a patented synthetic honeycomb panel that is injected with a closed-cell polyurethane foam. The RhinoKore honeycomb panels provide several benefits to the Bigfoot RV product:

  • Reduced overall weight (less than ½ the weight of plywood)
  • Sound and vibration dampening
  • Impact dissipation
  • Damage resistance

Additionally, being polypropylene, the fibres used in the production of the honeycomb core fabric have an exceptionally low moisture absorption and will not support the growth of mildew or fungi.

“With this long-term dedication to the Bigfoot experience, our staff are committed to the tradition of carefully designed & well-built RV’s and happy to be working with the RhinoKore product.” Bilodeau added. Each Bigfoot RV is proudly built upon the solid tradition of Bigfoot's unmatched quality, design & ownership experience.