Dive Into New Possibilities With RhinoKore Lightweight Building Materials

As a composite boat building material, RhinoKore’s honeycomb panels open a myriad of marine solutions.

As a composite boat building material, RhinoKore’s honeycomb panels open a myriad of marine solutions.

Balsa wood and rigid foams are commonly used core materials in the marine industry. Varying in flexibility, strength, and work-ability, in the absence of a better product, they have established themselves as the “go-to” core materials in the industry. However, when compared to composite cores, their strengths are outweighed by their weaknesses. When scored and matted, Balsa wood is easy to shape, but it absorbs water and rots. Rigid foams, as the name implies are stiff and not easily bent or contoured on parts that require radius.

Meet the composite core solution: RhinoKore’s honeycomb core panels. Lightweight and rot-resistant, our panels offer long-lasting, superior strength for your marine building applications, and without the need to score and mat, are flexible to fit contours and shapes. As an innovative new material, both our P100 paper core and S150 synthetic core can be used for decks, walls, bulkheads, furnishings, boat interiors, and more. Standard panels are available in 4 ft. x 8 ft. overall dimensions, with thicknesses ranging from ¼ in. to 12 in. In our 90,000-sq. ft. manufacturing facility we have the capacity to design and build oversize and custom panels to fit the dimensions and shapes of your project requirements.

For interior use in houseboats and cabin-cruisers, both foam-injected and hollow core panels have a range of versatility. Hollow cores with wood facings can be used for interior framing and cabinetry, keeping everything light and strong. Our easy to work with foam injected panels offer a completely solid surface, enabling maximum adhesion properties for facing materials. Adding foam strengthens the core and makes it an excellent solution appropriate for walls, doors, table/counter tops, and furnishings. Fiberglass infusion also works extremely well with our foam injected panels, furthering possibilities for boat decks, hulls, motor covers, and sterns.

Reducing weight, especially in the marine industry, cascades into a wealth of benefits. Lighter weight means less wear on the engine drive, reduced maintenance costs and fuel consumption, and an overall reduction in carbon footprint.

Interested in upgrading to honeycomb panels for boat building but don’t know where to start? Our staff can help you reduce the hassle, offer our technical know-how and work together to meet your specifications. Contact us today to discuss your project.