2017 CAMX Recap: Highlights of the Composite and Advanced Materials Expo

RhinoKore Composite Solutions recounts its second year attending CAMX

RhinoKore Composite Solutions recounts its second year attending CAMX

What is CAMX?

Short for “The Composites and Advanced Materials Expo”, CAMX is an annual event to connect and advance the world’s composites industry and advanced materials communities. Now in its 4th year, CAMX attracts more than 450 exhibitors and 8,000 attendees for demonstrations, displays, and an expert technical conference program. We attended their Orange County Convention Center event in Orlando, Florida, December 12 to 14, 2017.

The Experience

As expected, the show was a great chance to rub shoulders with industry innovators. Tradeshows are a chance for many “ah ha!” moments since companies normally 1000s of miles apart have the opportunity to gather, share knowledge, and display new innovations in the same room. CAMX attracts a diverse audience: adhesive companies, material testing companies, structural panel manufacturing companies, composite core companies, and equipment makers, were in attendance. Most notably, there were many honeycomb cores products on display and foam companies showing their products, but none like RhinoKore’s solutions.

The RhinoKore team at the Composites and Advanced Materials Expo 2017.

The RhinoKore team at the Composites and Advanced Materials Expo 2017.

What Made Us Different

Most of the industry uses unfilled honeycomb. As we learned from some intrigued visitors to our booth, RhinoKore was the only company offering foam-filled honeycomb cores. Our display demonstrated why the foam and honeycomb core combination is truly unique and offers clear advantages to unfilled core.

The additional surface area provided by our foam attracted the attention of various potential customers. With unfilled honeycomb, the industry has to be detailed and guarded about the epoxy used. A limited surface area gives less opportunity for adhesion and requires a great amount of manufacturing precision. Presenting a solid uniform surface to adhere to opens up the options for adhesives and delivers peace of mind when manufacturing sandwich panels. In particular, the foam-filled cores are excellent choices when utilizing resin infusion techniques. The unique offering from RhinoKore allows the customer to maximize the benefits of both the honeycomb cores and polyurethane foam into one core.

Innovation for the Future

“While there were many products and solutions presented at CAMX, RhinoKore sees a clear opportunity to advance composite solutions utilizing its unique core offerings. The volume and diversity of interest we received from potential customers was a clear signal that the market is looking for something different to develop solutions outside the aerospace market. We feel our offerings and future generations of our cores will help meet this need in the market.”

-Serg Trinca Vice-President of RhinoKore Composite Solutions

As we continue into 2018, we will continue to develop products that will meet the needs of our customers through innovation.

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