Custom Honeycomb Core

When designing and building sandwich panels dimensions can be very diverse. That’s why RhinoKore offers custom honeycomb core services to make our customers job easier. We offer many services such as cutting, CNC, inserts, over sized cores and custom kits to name a few.

Customization Options

Composite panels are an ideal construction material. Superior strength to weight ratios, rot resistance, high compression and shear strength, and thermal properties offer clear value for many applications.

RhinoKore operates out of a 90,000 sq. ft. manufacturing facility and has the ability to design and build custom panels. Speed up your manufacturing cycle and cut out the hassle by letting us determine the optimal specifications, producing repeatable and accurate cuts. With custom manufacturing, we can meet your specifications with:

  • Chamfered corners
  • Scored and matted
  • Panel joining solutions
  • Skinning/facing options
  • Various densities
  • Custom thicknesses
  • Fastening solutions
  • CNC services
  • Custom cutting
  • Kit preparation
Oversized custom honeycomb core
honeycomb core application
Custom honeycomb core cuts

​Choose a Core Material to Meet Your Needs

Composite cores have been used in many industries for over 50 years and usually consists of an empty honeycomb core or a foam core sandwiched between two facing materials. While there are many options when it comes to cores only Rhinokore delivers the benefits of both honeycomb structures and foam cores combined into one superior product. Through many years of innovation, we are able to offer our customers solutions to meet their growing needs and deliver performance with a high level of certainty. See our core solutions below for your project needs...

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