Panel Fabrication​

Rhinokore has the facility and experience to help you with your next panel project. Its strength is bringing the cores, facility, knowledge and exceptional customer service under one roof making for a great customer experience. We are able to handle small and large panel projects up to 10ft x 50ft panels through our large molds in our panel shop.

By combining the benefits of honeycomb structures and foam cores we are able to deliver the best of both worlds when building composite panels. The 100% bonding area allows for excellent bond strength greatly reducing the concern of delaminating of your facing materials when under stress. The large bonding area combined with its compatibility to various facing materials and adhesives means that our customers have choices and can maximize their designs while maintaining good economics

Our cores have been used successfully in panels combined with FG, aluminum, concrete, laminates, wood, carbon fiber, spray coatings, fabrics, rubber and many more.

Aluminum on honeycomb foam core
G10 Fiberglass on honeycomb foam core
G10 Fiberglass
Carpet on honeycomb foam core
Linoleum on honeycomb foam core
Fiberglass on honeycomb foam core
Lauan plywood on honeycomb foam core
Impact Flooring on honeycomb foam core
Impact Flooring
RV Panel on honeycomb foam core
RV Panel
MDF-Structural Insulated Panel on honeycomb foam core
MDF-Structural Insulated Panel

our cores set us apart....

Composite cores have been used in many industries for over 50 years and usually consists of an empty honeycomb core or a foam core sandwiched between two facing materials. While there are many options when it comes to cores only Rhinokore delivers the benefits of both honeycomb structures and foam cores combined into one superior product. Through many years of innovation, we are able to offer our customers solutions to meet their growing needs and deliver performance with a high level of certainty. See our core solutions below for your project needs...

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