Our RhinoKore Honeycomb Panels really are the “core” of our business. With close to a decade of fine tuning the art of foam injecting our honeycomb panels, RhinoKore has developed a quality structural honeycomb panel product with a multitude of sandwich panel applications. The S150 core is our patented, synthetic honeycomb panel and our P100 core is our phenolic treated kraft paper honeycomb panel. Both honeycomb panels are available with foam injection or without.

Each of our honeycomb panels provide unique structural properties associated with the material utilized and how it interacts with the foam injection process. Substrate materials easily adhere to the honeycomb panel foam surface making this product an excellent sandwich panel product.

Foam Injecting

By filling honeycomb cells with foam, RhinoKore honeycomb panels combine the strength provided by the cell walls of the honeycomb and the large surface area of foam. The cell walls of the honeycomb panel experience greater reinforcement by the foam injection.

The net results for the sandwich panels utilizing RhinoKore foam injected honeycomb panels are:

  • Superior strength to weight ratios
  • Impervious to rot and moisture resistant
  • Thermal resistance
  • Dimensional stability
  • Sound and vibration dampening properties
  • Impact dissipation and damage resistance
  • Excellent shear and compression strengths
  • Significant price to performance ratios

Stay tuned for updates on the development of our next generation of RhinoKore foam injected honeycomb panels!


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